Professor Fung works at multiple sites around Sydney. To see him you will need a referral directed to him from another ophthalmologist, optometrist or doctor. Ensure that the referrer specifies you wish to see Professor Fung.

Miranda (Retina & Macula Specialists)

Level 1A/12 Central Road

Hurstville (Retina & Macula Specialists)

Suite 208/31 Dora Street

Macquarie University Hospital

MQHealth Ophthalmology Clinic
Suite 401, Level 4, 2 Technology Place
Macquarie University

Chatswood (Retina Associates)

Level 4, 8 Thomas Street

Bondi Junction (Eastern Suburbs Retina)

Park Place, Suite 901, Level 9
3 Waverley Street

Liverpool (South West Retina)

57-59 Memorial Avenue


Please ask your optometrist, ophthalmologist or general practitioner to refer you to your chosen clinic. The referral must specifically ask for Professor Fung.

Download a referral letter below and fax or email to your chosen clinic.

Your Visit

You will be first seen by an orthoptist, a post-graduate qualified specialist who will take a brief history, check your vision and eye pressures. You will then have eye drops instilled which will make your pupils large and your vision will be blurry for approximately 3 hours. It is important not to drive until your vision has returned to normal- either take public transport or ask family or friends to drive you. An optical coherence tomography (OCT) scan will be taken of your retina to assess the health of your macula (the centre of your retina). This non-invasive test involves looking at a light and is quick and easy to perform. After this, you will be seen by Professor Fung who will take further history, examine your eyes and request more tests if necessary. He will then discuss with you your management options. For your first visit expect to wait up to 2-3 hours. Please bring your referral letter, spectacles (avoid wearing contact lenses if possible), medicare/DVA/health fund cards, summary of your medical history, list of medications and a pair of sunglasses to reduce glare after your visit.


If you are an orthoptist or secretary interested in Employment at Professor Fung’s private rooms, please contact the rooms directly from the Clinics page. If you are an ophthalmologist seeking to work with Professor Fung, please contact him on this email address.